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DA2 First Thoughts

March 10, 2011 10:13:37.716

After grabbing the FIOS powered bandwidth at my sister's house, I got Dragon Age 2 downloaded and installed. I started playing last night, and ended up staying up later than I should have. The game is gorgeous - it looks so much better than DAO.

Now, I don't have a lot iof thoughts on gameplay yet - I've only just gotten past the "one year later" in Kirkwall part, when you start to see the quests that are more related to the main game plot.

I decided to play a mage - I like mages, and it seemed like a fun way to get started with some of the updates. The spell progression system is organized differently, but was easy enough to get into. Playing a mage seems more fun in this game - I'm not sure I can really put my finger on it, but it just feels like there's more going on, even when I'm just using the basic staff power. Maybe it's the updated animations; in any event, it's pretty fun. I'll get further with it on my flight home, and then I'll start playing on the XBox this weekend - I think I'll try a Rogue there, just to do something different.

I'm not sure when Michael and I will launch the new DA2 oriented podcast - it might be next week, since we'll both be at Smalltalk Solutions :)

posted by James Robertson

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