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Adobe Vs. Apple

May 13, 2010 11:47:40.000

It's not just Adobe's evangelist calling Apple out on their anti-Flash stance now - the company has started running ads on the subject:

Ironically, the ad itself (as opposed to the image above) is Flash, so you won't actually see it if you're using an iPhone or iPad (and on Engadget's site, the iPhone gets the mobil version of the site without the ad anyway). That kind of speaks to the difficulty Adobe faces - a large part of their target audience will never see this campaign.

In any event, it does illustrate this: Adobe isn't backing off on this. There have been plenty of "Flash on Android" bits of news as well, so the "Open Platform vs. Apple" thing that happened with PC's and Macs could be repeating itself. On the other hand, I think Apple is in a much stronger position now than they were then, and the trendlines for Flash are running against Adobe. We'll see.

Update: I have to say, I like the headline at TechCrunch on this:

Adobe, You Brought An Advertisement To A Gun Fight

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Adobe Vs. Apple

[Canol] May 14, 2010 3:39:10.443

I cannot stay in one side at this war. Sure the freedom is gone but maybe, at least for now, it is a good thing. HTML 5 standards are being adopted much faster then previous improvements on HTML and I think the statements/advertisement/announcement of Apple helped that happen, as well. Remember we couldn't use transparent PNGs (and many other cool features) just because IE was there with a big market percentage. Also, Apple says that the crash numbers on their computers are increased because of Flash which is a good reasoning, thinking that reliability is one of the key features Apple always mention about their products.

So as long as you ARE the latest technology this dictatorship will work in a good way, pushing the latest technology. But as soon as you lag...

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