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iPhone on CDMA?

August 13, 2010 6:26:50.000

I've been figuring "no", for the simple reason that simultaneous data and voice on CDMA is problematic, and that would make a CDMA iPhone a downgrade from a GSM one in one big way. However, if anything could sway Apple, it might be this:

Apple is now believed to have had a change of heart on CDMA. It once described the standard as "dead" since a clear majority of cellular networks use GSM and HSPA, but the company has reconsidered after recognizing length of time to transition to LTE for 4G and, more importantly, the threat of Android. Verizon is the world's largest Android carrier and has helped Google thrive with HTC and Motorola phones being "safe" from Apple.

Still... I'm not so sure. My guess is that it's not happening - but I guess we'll know how this rumor pans out in a few months.

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posted by James Robertson

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