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iPhone as Mac Redux?

June 15, 2010 21:23:09.761

Some of the statistics make it look like the iPhone/Android battle may be shaping up to be a new version of the Mac/PC battle:

From May 2009 to May 2010, Quantcast finds, Apple's share of the mobile market slipped 8.1 percent. In that same time span, Android's market share jumped up by 12.2 percent. And remember: These numbers don't even take into account the HTC Droid Incredible or HTC EVO 4G, both of which have been selling like hotcakes, nor do they factor in piqued interest in older Android phones thanks to Google's new Android 2.2 upgrade.

There are significant differences though - Apple has the app store and a lot of good apps; the Android app situation is progressing, but it's not the same seamless experience - yet. I don't know that it's a sure bet that history will repeat, but if Apple doesn't pay attention - over the air updates, easing up on some of the sillier app store rules - they may paint themselves into a corner they can't escape from.

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posted by James Robertson

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