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iPad reactions

April 6, 2010 14:14:35.350

The reactions to the iPad are all over the map, and fascinating. Dave Winer has a thoughtful piece, although I think he lost a bit of objectivity in looking so deeply at his personal workflow. Mark Bernstein thinks that it may well work perfectly as a book replacement, or as a digital picture frame, or - we'll figure it out. Tim Bray seem ambivalent. Lots of people are up in arms over the lack of a USB port or two.

Meanwhile, my wife has been pretty happy using it to read the same book upstairs (Kindle on her Macbook) and downstairs (Kindle on the iPad). It's early days yet; we'll see how things look in a few weeks. I haven't had any real time with it, so I don't really have any comments beyond "it looks pretty" :)

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posted by James Robertson

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