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Where is Facebook on the iPad?

May 28, 2011 18:50:58.000

TechCrunch asks an excellent question - where the heck is the iPad app for Facebook? The iPhone app looks kind of stale for that matter - maybe they can't find anyone to replace the guy who famously declared that he wasn't doing that work anymore (which should have led to his immediate termination, IMHO, but that's another story).

So here it is, 2011, and there's still no iPad app - meanwhile, Facebook is looking for help on the desktop:

On the jobs page for the relatively new Seattle Facebook office, one of the openings is for “Software Engineer, Desktop Software”. Desktop software. Desktop. Before the damn iPad. Hey Facebook, 1986 called, they want their strategic vision back.

Apparently, this is the start of some big team. I think TechCruch is right - they lost their calendar, and think they are living through a re-imagined "Back to the Future", set in the 80's....

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posted by James Robertson

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