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When the Sharks Move In

June 13, 2010 9:26:53.545

You can tell that a device has gotten popular when retail outlets start using strong arm tactics to upsell various add ons - like one chain in Australia is apparently doing:

Buyers complained about pressure to buy other add-ons such as covers, chargers, extended warranties and Telstra 3G SIM cards. They reported sales assistants said it was “company policy” or “Apple policy” to sell the devices only with accessories, or not at all.

This sort of tactic probably worked a lot better in the pre-internet era. Most iPad buyers are going to be savvy enough to whip out an iPhone and actually chek for evidence of such a policy, first.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: When the Sharks Move In

[Mike Brazinski] June 13, 2010 17:45:25.965

It reminds me of when the Wii first came out. You might be lucky to find a Wii with only Wii sports but many vendors were bundling the Wii with several games or weird accessories. It was much easier to get the Wii if you went for the stupid bundle instead of waiting.

While demand is high and supply is low, the bundling isn't uncommon. Maybe the only reason it hasn't happened in the US because Apple really limited the distribution channels.

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