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Undeveloped Thoughts

June 26, 2010 10:45:28.742

Julian Fitzell writes about the "siren song" of tweeting:

I'm pretty confidant that some ideas are better suited for tweets and others for blog postss, but the line can be fuzzy. And the temptation of laziness persists so I'm going to need to increase the temptation of effort to counter it. In the meantime, I'll be on Twitter throwing out undeveloped thoughts with everyone else.

I found that interesting, because i used to write a lot more long pieces - if you go back to my early archives on my Cincom blog, you'll find plenty of them. Over time, I've gotten to be much more of a "slap it out there" blogger.

I'm not sure why that happened, and i couldn't point to a when - it just sort of happened. I've also come to a different way of dealing with Twitter - I mostly don't post to it directly. Instead, I write here, my server auto-tweets what I post, and a Facebook app picks up my tweets and tosses them into my news feeds. I'll sometimes toss out a tweet directly from my iPhone; very rarely from my Mac.

Again, I'm not really sure why things evolved for me this way; they just did.

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posted by James Robertson

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