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Thoughts on the iPad

May 15, 2010 13:12:38.647

This is second hand - my wife uses the iPad, not me. Having siad that, she really likes it. One of the problems she's had with books of late has to do with her eyes, and the presbyopia thing. The iPad deals with that two ways:

  • The backlit screen helps, as low light conditions are especially troublesome
  • The ability to easily change the text size

An ancillary benefit is that the growing pile of books on the shelf behind the bed has stopped growing; we were starting to worry about an avalanche :)

We just ordered a cable from Apple to drive output from the iPad to the TV - given the various video options available, it would be nice to toss the output across the room. We'll have those cables in a day or two; I'll post once we see how well that works.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Thoughts on the iPad

[sergio_101] May 15, 2010 14:29:51.911

hmmm... i have really been thinking about getting one of these ... just to read books on.. i checked out the kindle, but there were some things i really didn't like about it..

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