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They Have the Wrong Guy

February 12, 2010 20:09:49.548

Spotted in Slashdot

Roland Emmerich, the writer/director/producer behind Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012 is planning to adapt Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. The plans include using technology developed for Avatar including 3D and motion capture technology. When asked about using this technology Emmerich responded: 'It has to be done all CG because I would not know how to shoot this thing in real.'

Umm, excuse me? Has Emmerich actually read the "Foundation" books? There's a ton of dialogue, and the action sequences mostly involve scenes no more complex than the ones in "Star Wars", and mostly way less complex. What on earth is there in this series of books that requires more than a trivial amount of CG, much less "all CG"?

I think they need to find a guy who's read - and actually understood - the books. Clearly, Emmerich isn't that guy.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: They Have the Wrong Guy

[Steven Fenger] February 15, 2010 15:07:05.816

Well, the movies will be as faithful to the books as the movie "I, Robot" was.

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