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Sort of Flash on the iPhone

August 9, 2010 14:00:16.825

There's a new thing called Frash out there, which can apparently give you a small subset of Flash on your iPhone, assuming you Jailbreak it. This snippet at the end of the article tells me that Flash still isn't really ready for mobile devices:

Adobe, for its part, has been stating its intention to ship a mobile version of Flash for Google's Android smartphone platform for several months, but a final version of the software is still not available to users.

I think the reality is that Adobe got caught flat footed by the explosion of smart phones - the same way Lotus managed to get steamrolled by Windows when they were slow to migrate 1-2-3 from being a DOS based app to being a Windows based app. The huge installed based of Office (and thus Excel) is a legacy of that long passed miscalculation; I suspect that we'll be living with the side effects of Adobe's mistakes for just as long.

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posted by James Robertson

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