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Smalltalk Link Dump

September 24, 2010 13:33:54.842

I post a lot of Smalltalk related links, so I thought that a monthly "link dump" page might be useful. I'm not including "Smalltalk Daily" posts; since I do one of those each day, including them would bury the rest of the links, I think. Anyway - you can get to the September dump here, and I'll be updating it when the month ends.

I was going to put that together by hand, but I decided that sounded like work - so I wrote a couple of methods, patched the server, and then ran this on the server:

	dumpLinkFileFor: 'blog'
	to: 'linkDump.txt'
	start: (Timestamp readFrom: '9/1/10 0:00:00' readStream)
	end: (Timestamp readFrom: '10/1/10 0:00:00' readStream)
	forCategories: #('smalltalk' 'esug2010' 'audio').

Then I just renamed the output file and dropped it where it would get picked up. Pretty simple stuff, and the code I'm using above lets me run arbitrary category reports if I so choose.

posted by James Robertson

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