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Smalltalk Daily 10/11/10: A Simple COM Example in VW

October 11, 2010 9:46:32.289

Today's Smalltalk Daily looks at interfacing to a simple COM api in Windows - specifically, the speech API. The code to get the dispatch driver is a little involved, so the #setupDriver method in the video is included below - to skip to the video, click here. If you can't see the embedded video directly, you can go directly to YouTube for it.

	"set up the COM driver"

	| ref descs ifc guid  refs |
	refs := COMRegistryInterface extTypeLibraryIDMap select: [:each | each name notNil].
	ref := refs
			detect: [:each | 'Microsoft Speech Object Library*' match: each name]
			ifNone: [nil].
	ref ifNil: [^nil].
	descs := ref containedTypeDescriptions.
	ifc := descs
		detect: [:each | 'SpVoice' match: each name]
		ifNone: [nil].
	ifc ifNil: [^nil].
	guid := ifc guid.
	driver := AdvancedDispatchDriver
		on: (IClassFactory 
				createInstance: guid 
				iid: External.COMConstants.IID_IDispatch 
				context:	External.COMConstants.CLSCTX_SERVER).

To watch now, click on the viewer below:

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posted by James Robertson

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