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Smalltalk Beyond the Environment

January 4, 2010 18:07:12.010

Ok, this is an interesting little trend - James Ladd has been working on a Smalltalk implementation that would run on the JVM (part of his motivation is the widespread installation of the JVM, part is the widespread usage of tools like Eclipse). Now I see that there's some work to make it possible to develop Gemstone/S on Eclipse:

GemDev is (highly) experimental implementation of Eclipse-based IDE for GemStone Smalltalk, with intention to bring mainstream tools to Smalltalk. IDE provides features like Smalltalk Browser, code editor or object inspector. Basic navigation functionality (searching for references/implementors/senders) is available together with syntax coloring, hyperlinking, on the fly syntax error checking and code warnings.

Meanwhile, the Web Velocity team has been working to make Smalltalk available in a completely new environment - native web browser based tools. One thing is for sure - there's a lot of interesting "break the traditional metaphors" work going on, which is good - stagnation is death :)

posted by James Robertson

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