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New Version of Smalltalk/X Ships

July 25, 2012 12:17:58.432

There's a new version (6.2.1) of Smalltalk/X out - you can download it now. It's a pretty open system:

Smalltalk/X may be used even for the development of commercial Software and Applications without any licence fee (a few minor restrictions apply [*]). We appreciate your interest in Smalltalk and only ask in reply for you to share your joy and experience with others and help us marketing the great Smalltalk ideas ;-). In addition, it would be nice if you share example programs, demos, improvements, add-ons and national language translations with others by publishing those or send them to us for integration into the next release

You'll have to visit the website for those restrictions; the link is a Javascript popup.

posted by James Robertson

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