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More Build Automation

January 4, 2011 17:33:55.603

I wanted to move my build script one level further back - meaning, I wanted to have it work like this:

  • Fire off an image
  • Load all the latest code from Store
  • Drop each package/bundle from the image into a build directory
  • Fire off a new, clean image, load the parcels, and proceed from there

That way I could ensure that a build actually had the latest code, instead of the latest code I remembered to parcel out - and my build doesn't need any of the Store machinery in it. So, here's the guts of that new script. First, some code to load a package from Store, then dump it out as a parcel:


savePackageBlock := [:name :dir |
	| pkg |
	pkg := Store.PackageModel allInstances detect: [:each | each name = name].
		saveAsParcel: (dir asFilename construct: name) 
		saveStructure: true 
		saveLinks: true].

(Store.Package newestVersionWithName: 'MyCounter') loadSrc.
savePackageBlock value: 'MyCounter' value: 'buildTest'.


That's easily built up to more packages. Then I just add this new script to what I last posted on, and bam - I go from a clean image and an empty build directory to a full build directory and a clean build. Pretty nice :)

posted by James Robertson

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