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Lost in a Dependency Maze

August 4, 2011 22:25:24.146

I'd like to use Squeak and Pharo more often, but then I run into problems like this:

  • Spot a post promoting something like the MongoDB interface
  • Go to the Project page
  • Try to figure out what to load in what order
  • After a few minutes of thrashing, give up

This is one area that the commercial vendors - Cincom and Instantiations - are way, way ahead in. If you load something that has pre-reqs, it's likely that the pre-reqs are set, and that they'll load automatically. Using Gofer with Pharo (for projects that have a configuration), that's also true. In Squeak? It's still a huge problem.

posted by James Robertson


Re: Lost in a Dependency Maze

[anonymous] August 5, 2011 0:07:38.825


Metacello was invented to address the dependency problem .... the Pharo folks have jumped on Metacello, but the Squeak folks haven't for reasons that are not clear....ah well:)


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