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It's Always Something

January 22, 2010 17:17:03.430

Lately, if I do a demo, something has to go wrong. Yesterday was no exception - I was sitting in the back, showing Arden my demo in the Windows 7 VM I use in Parallels, and everything was working great. I suspended the VM, and waited, then fired it back up just before we were about to head up - the plan was for him to show slides off my machine, and then go to my demo, so we didn't have to flip devices.

And.... Windows 7 suddenly lost its mind, and decided that it couldn't see the internet, or my Mac. This was a problem, as I was loading things from a database on the Mac side. So... Arden did slides while I panicked. Fortunately, my XP VM was behaving, and the demo went off without any trouble.

This is getting to be tiresome though :)

posted by James Robertson

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