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Has he Heard of Email or Phones?

November 1, 2010 8:10:43.462

This makes me wonder - it's in a long screed about how Facebook is missing some level of privacy controls:

maybe I only want to tell a few close buddies about that episode with the VERY BAD bean burrito. maybe your girlfriend only wants a FEW honest opinions from her CLOSE friends on whether that new dress makes her ass look fat. and maybe your frat brother only wants to tell a few buddies about the AWESOME house party he's throwing next weekend, when he's planning to invite the smoking hot new freshman sensation over with 3 of her equally sizzling BFFs. and finally, maybe I only want to share that airfare deal on a Final Four Vegas roadtrip (& the pictures!) with my set of close friends. what happens in Vegas stays in a very tight and private social graph... you hope, anyway.

Maybe, just maybe, Dave McClure could figure out that sending an email, or picking up the phone works just fine for that class of problem. Expecting a social media service to solve every problem for you is.... silly.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Has he Heard of Email or Phones?

[anonymous] November 1, 2010 10:06:14.213

e-mail is not private. It can be easily read by third parties.

Re: Has he Heard of Email or Phones?

[W^L+] November 1, 2010 12:08:21.604

Talk to non-technical users and you'll see they're often surprised that something they posted on Facebook is open to the world. That author is right. Facebook does need to make it simple and easy to select a scope for the things you're posting.

I saw just this morning that one of my nephews posted somewhat explicit lyrics from a video that was also part of the post. His youth pastor saw the post. Oops!

Yes, I know they've greatly improved, but they haven't got where they need to go yet.

Re: Has he Heard of Email or Phones?

[James Robertson] November 1, 2010 14:49:33.665

Email may not be private, but if you think facebook can be more private, well....

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