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Getting Ready for a Training Class

November 19, 2010 7:18:17.661

I have an old Mac Mini (it's got a g4 processor, that's how old) - and it's hooked up to a VGA LCD monitor I bought a few years ago to replace a ginormous CRT it was using. I'm teaching an intro to Smalltalk class via webcast in a couple of weeks, and I figured the monitor would be useful for that - I can keep the slides I'm displaying on the exported view, and a window with the class chat room on the second display. Sounds reasonable, and a quick test (now that I've bought a new mini-display port to VGA adaptor) shows that it works fine.

It should be to teach an intro class again - it's been years since I did that regularly (going all the way back to the ParcPlace days for me). In the interim I've been doing a whole lot of screencast tutorials, so it's not as if I'm out of practice or anything :)

Interested in signing up? Sign up over at Dave Buck's site - while I'll be presenting the course it's material Dave has put together and delivered in person many times.

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posted by James Robertson

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