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Comedy of Travel Errors

March 18, 2011 6:30:53.167

I had a fairly epic "if it can go wrong, it will" sort of day yesterday - here's what happened:

  • Leave Vegas on a RedEye flight (I consider that to be a mistake I made)
  • Leave Minneapolis (I was flying Delta) the next morning. Flight develops electrical trouble, diverts to Madison, Wisconsin
  • Go to breakfast after Delta announces it's on them, down the corridor
  • While I'm there, they rebook a few passengers who waited onto a flight to DCA. The rest of us end up on a 3:30 flight back to Minneapolis, connecting to a flight that arrives at BWI at 10:30
  • Pull out the work laptop, thinking I'll get work done. Said laptop won't boot up
  • Finally board flight back to Minneapolis, wait there for 2 hours. Fill one of them with a conference call
  • Finally fly home
  • Arrive home, remember that I emptied some extra supplies from my bag - one of which is a spare power supply. Discover that the thing that broke was the power supply I decided to take

It was that sort of day.

posted by James Robertson

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