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Build Oddities

January 10, 2011 14:56:39.232

I'm still working on build tools for the project I'm on, and I ran into an interesting thing today - a package that, when I have a script unload it, the script stops working.

Short explanation: I start by building an image from scratch using Store. From there, I unload a bunch of development tools. That works fine, unless I do the following:

(Store.Registry pundleNamed: 'StoreBase') ifNotNil: [:pundle |
      pundle leafItems do: [:each | each markNotModified].
      [pundle markNotModified; unloadFromImage] on: Warning do: [:ex | ex resume: true]].

Once I unload StoreBase, the build script I'm using (via -fileIn at the command line) simply stops working. No error messages either; the image just sits there, blinking at me. Very odd, but for now I'm dealing with that by just leaving StoreBase alone. I think I'll have to try it with that handler block left off, just so I can track the problem down.

posted by James Robertson

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