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Zero Degrees 1, Zero Tolerance 0

March 6, 2014 0:11:34.632

When you run a system - any system - based solely on policy, with no allowance for common sense - you end up with things like this:

On Wednesday morning, the temperature was 5 below, and the wind chill was 25 below. “So the alarm went off, and I thought it was like just a drill, like: Do I have to go outside?” Hagen-Tietz said. “And then he was like no, we usually don’t have fake ones in the winter.” Hagen-Tietz says she and the another student were rushed out by the teacher. Her classmate had clothes by the pool, hers were in her locker. So she grabber her towel and went outside.

Where did the policy enter into it, where a kid in a wet bathing suit and without shoes is left to stand outside for 10 minutes?

But due to school policy, she wasn’t allowed to sit in a faculty-member’s car

So rather than make the obvious judgement call, and let the kid into a car with the heater running, they let her get frostbite. For her own safety, of course. The response after the fact?

In a statement, St. Paul Public School officials said they continue to work with the St. Paul Fire Marshal to regularly review these procedures, including cold weather modifications, and they will make any changes based on their recommendations.

Here's what the response should have been: "We promise not to be such utterly stupid morons next time, and will ignore written policy when it obviously makes no sense".


posted by James Robertson

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