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BioShock Infinite on Mac

September 19, 2013 14:25:16.000

I've been casting about for a game to play on my Mac for a bit - I've played out most of my existing library. I've been pondering Bioshock Infinite for awhile - I liked the game on XBox. While the ending won't be a surprise this time around, I figured it would keep me busy. One problem: I have a 2010 era Macbook Pro, with the low end NVidia 320M card. The official support site warns you off if that's what you have, but - I've ignored such warnings before (and it's a mixed bag as to how that's worked out. Dishonored played fine for me in Parallels, while Hitman Absolution performed like a dog).

The good news is, it seems to run fine. There's some framerate lag when I enter a new area, but mostly it runs at better than 30 FPS (not great, but playable, at least for me). So if you've been holding off because your Macbook isn't on the supported list, you might give it a shot. Just turn everything down to low :)

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posted by James Robertson

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