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Gizmodo Doesn't Get It

June 20, 2013 17:01:37.271

Gizmodo is flipping out, because they think that the idiot policies MS just had the good sense to back down from were good. Specifically, they say this:

Here is how this makes sense for YOU: New games could then be cheaper. Why? Publishers KNOW that they will not make money on resold games, so they charge more to you, the first buyer. You are paying for others' rights to use your game in the future. If the old system had gone into place, you would likely have seen game prices drop. Or, at the very least, it could have staved off price increases.

Here's where they went off the rails (and where MS screwed up as well): It would be easily possible to create that resale market for digital downloads, while leaving disc based games alone. I know, I know - that was an overly complex thought for anyone at Gawker Media to have formed all on their own....


posted by James Robertson

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