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More Fun With the XBox

June 4, 2013 10:43:26.491

This morning, I spoke to a helpful person at XBox support - unfortunately, they could not help me. This is where the whole Microsoft/XBox thing gets strange. I have an XBox live account. That's apparently different than my associated Microsoft account (which I do not use). The problem seems to be on the Microsoft side, and the XBox people tell me they can't do anything with that. Heck, I can't even get real support - I can go to a forum site (requiring an MS account login) to post a question. After setting up a new account in order to do that, I posted my problem and now... I wait.

Here's the bottom line - my Xbox crashed, and it somehow managed to lock out my account in the process. Have I ever seen anything like this from Apple, Google, or Steam? Nope. Something like this does happen to my XBox account every few months though. Let me tell you, @majornelson, this is not making me look at an XBox One as a good idea. I'm thinking gaming PC, Steam, and HDMI cable to the TV. At least Steam doesn't knock me offline when a game crashes, and then send me wandering in the desert to recover my account.

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posted by James Robertson

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