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Dart at STIC 2012

March 19, 2012 12:37:49.509

First keynote of the conference - Eric Clayberg talking about Google's Dart. Eric is deep into Dart at Google. Eric is working on a Dart editor (Eclipse) which we may get to. Why Dart? Building large web applications is hard - Javascript just isn't up to the task. Dart is supposed to bring structured programming to the web, along with good tools. Right now, Dart is really "alpha" stage software.

One of the biggest changes is isolates, inspired by Erlang. One of the large non-changes is the syntax, which looks a lot like Javascript. That's for obvious reasons; you need to sell it to world developers. Another design goal - Dart is intended to be used at the client (browser) and server level, rather than the common split that exists now.

As with the previous talk, a fair amount of this one will only come across in video - Eric's doing a bunch of Dart demos, from simple to more complex.

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posted by James Robertson

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