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Google Plus Ate My iPhone

March 7, 2012 13:00:00.000

Last week, my phone (an iPhone 4) started losing charge rapidly - it would go from fulll to red within 2 hours, just sitting idle on my desk. It was also warm to the touch, indicating that background jobs were obviously chewing up the CPU and battery. But what?

As it happens, I have lots of things providing me notifications - facebook, Twitter, Drudge, you name it. I started turning notifications off, but that wasn't helping. I finally sat back and replayed when this started happening, and came up with it: a friend used the Google "hangout" feature earlier in the week, and I responded to it. Since then, the problem was rampant. I turned off all notifications for Google Plus, and bam - problem solved.

I'm not sure what Google did wrong, but it sure was using up my phone's useful life. I'd be curious to know whether or not anyone else has seen this....

posted by James Robertson

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