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Stupid, Harmful, and Toothless

January 12, 2012 14:31:41.000

This is what happens when laws are created by people who don't understand what they are legislating:

Apparently it all comes down to the fact that The Pirate Bay has a .org domain — and according to Masnick, the current version of the SOPA bill working its way through congress excludes American domestic domains from being the target of takedown notices from copyright holders. In this case, a “domestic domain” is any domain that comes from a TLD run by an American registry — and sure enough, .org’s registry is Public Interest Registry, a US non-profit based in Virginia. In other words, thepiratebay.org isn’t eligible for a SOPA-based takedown, even if its servers are based in Sweden or another country outside the US. Believe it or not, by the same logic, .com and .net domains — both of which are managed by American company VeriSign — would also be immune from the SOPA bill as it currently stands.

In a nutshell, this is why I'm skeptical of "expert" opinion. I notice that on subjects I have fairly deep knowledge of, "expert opinion" is nearly always wrong - and not just a little wrong. This leads to a simple question: if they get the stuff I know well wrong, what about everything else?

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posted by James Robertson

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