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MagLev 1.0 Ships

November 16, 2011 17:00:00.000

Gemstone (VMWare) has shipped MagLev 1.0 - as reported by InfoQ:

MagLev 1.0 has been released: MagLev is a Ruby VM built on GemStone/S, a 64 bit Smalltalk VM. But MagLev is much more than a Ruby VM, it comes with a mature NoSQL data store, from the website:

MagLev VM takes full advantage of GemStone/S JIT to native code performance, distributed shared cache, fully ACID transactions, and enterprise class NoSQL data management capabilities to provide a robust and durable programming platform. It can transparently manage a much larger amount (terabytes) of data and code than will fit in memory.

posted by James Robertson

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