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Macro Expansion and Smalltalk

September 20, 2011 14:11:42.000

Travis has been working on a few ideas to change this sort of code:

<1s> ^self <2s> <3s>'     
	expandMacrosWith: aVariableName     
	with: aBasicAccessingMethod     
	with: sizeof + 1

To something more like this:

<1s>At: anOffset     
	^self <2s> anOffset * <3p> + <4p>'     
		_1: aVariableName     
		_2: aBasicAccessingMethod     
		_3: aByteSize    
		 _4: sizeof + 1

I see what he's trying to do, and you should read his explanation. I do have some nervousness about how it will be used in application code though. This is the sort of thing that's highly useful in tooling, but often quite scay in application code....

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posted by James Robertson

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