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Interesting BottomFeeder Project

March 15, 2011 20:04:56.000

One of the pleasant surprises here at StS 11 was running into Dorin Sandu and finding out about a little project he's been working on. He's been creating an interface between Smaltalk and Lucene, and he's been using BottomFeeder as a testbed for that.

As I did things, the search facilities in Bf are a pretty simple linear search through the item space. Dorin has replaced that with Lucene. To help with that, I really only needed to do a couple of things:

  • Change the item GUIDs to the link if the link is there (nearly always the case now)
  • Report a few new events when feeds add items or delete them

It should be fun to see what comes of that :)

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posted by James Robertson

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