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VA Smalltalk at StS 2011

March 15, 2011 16:51:44.983

I got into John's talk a bit late - Michael and I were recording a chat with John McIntosh, contrasting IOS development and Smalltalk development. I'm here now, and John is talking about what's up with the latest edition (8.0.3) of VA Smalltalk. Here he is:

What's coming down the road after the summer release?

  • Full Unicode
  • Seaside 3.x
  • SST Improvements

I missed a few things on the slides there :) - below are candidate items for future releases - meaning no time scales for this stuff:

  • GTK 2.x on Linux
  • Monticello Importer
  • New Settings framework
  • More and better GLORP support, including ActiveRecord
  • TCP/IP V6
  • Full SSL wrapper
  • Incremental GC
  • 64 bit support
  • Some integration of various goodies for VA, like KES/Stats
  • Windows Services control moved from external to Smalltalk
  • Interfaces to .NET/C#
  • Better install/repair/uninstall tools
  • Better hashing and sorting in Collections (policy mechanism)

And you can download the eval free, or buy a license. There's now a developer program as well, where you can get in-process development builds. The schedule is "irregular" :)

You can also get a perpetual NC license by committing to an open source project (VAStGoodies.com is a good starting point)

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posted by James Robertson

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