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Build Automation

March 8, 2011 10:39:22.111

I've been continuing to work on build automation, because I've also been asked to refactor the package/bundle structure we use here (in order to create a cleaner separation between the various deliverables we produce out of the codebase). 

I've talked about the tools I've built for this before; what I did more recently was take the GUI focused tool I built and made it scriptable.  So instead of a few menu picks, listbox selections and button presses, it's now more like this:


	generateFor: logicalName
	useSmartBundle: aBoolean 
	version: versionString 
	startWithImage: imageName


And that can be fired off via a batch file (this is Windows) - and that in turn could be automated via higher level tools - maybe I'll start investigating something like Hudson. It's coming together pretty nicely, and I can now kick off a complete build, starting from a base visual.im, and within 15 minutes have a development image and a runtime, ready to go.

posted by James Robertson

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