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Pharo Looking Ahead

February 16, 2011 6:09:10.819

Pharo Smalltalk is ready for the next step ahead in terms of commercial acceptance and viability - I saw this on the ESUG mailing list, from the Pharo board:

We are pursuing an effort to bring Pharo to the next level: we will set up a consortium of pharo users and industrial partners. Our goal is to build a legal infrastructure that will be able to sustain the development of Pharo and improve its future. As an example, we would like to be able to collect funds (ways as to be determined - we foresee a membership model or moral license) to pay engineering tasks to be performed such as improving the virtual machine, network libraries, better JIT support. To make it short we would like to give a chance to our community to grow and structure itself so that Pharo can get stronger and that risk (truck factor) gets minimized.

It should be interesting to watch that and see how it develops. For many years, the various Smalltalk vendors simply didn't take the open source Smalltalk community seriously. Gemstone has been taking it more seriously of late, but I don't think much has changed elsewhere. If this effort makes headway, that'll have to change.

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posted by James Robertson

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