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Fallout 3 in Parallels 6

January 28, 2011 11:06:48.442

I wanted to give some of the Fallout 3 mods a try, and it looked inexpensive on Steam - under $30. Since Fallout: New Vegas runs under Parallels (after a few tweaks), I figured the older one would, too. And at first, it did, with no real issues. It installed a ton of stuff before it got going, and then came up slowly, but it ran, and looked pretty good. I played for about an hour, quit, and left it alone for a couple of days. Last night I came back, and it started up, but crashed as soon as my saved game was about to start. Googling found lots of references to the issue - and the fix that worked for me was the Windows live removal tool.

After I disabled the Windows Live hookup, the game ran, and it ran well. So next time I decide to sit down with it, I can actually download some of the more interesting looking mods and see how they look.

Ultimately, the biggest improvement in game play came from the upgrade I did to memory on the MBP - from 4 gb to 8gb. After that, I was able to give the Windows VM 4gb instead of 2, and that made a huge difference. The other thing that seems to help is making sure to buy games that have been out long enough for all the really dedicated gamers to have found or created solutions to common problems :)

posted by James Robertson

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