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Buy Those Tickets Early

January 8, 2011 11:53:41.395

When you self fund your travel, you start to pick up on things that you just don't notice much when "the company" is paying. For instance:

  • Eating dinner at a restaurant is expensive, especially if you order any alcohol
  • The "big two" car rental companies are not cheap
  • You save a lot by staying in hotels that offer free btreakfast and have laundry facilities
  • The biggest one is this: make those flight reservations in advance

I didn't get around to arranging my flights at the beginning of my holiday break, and when I did get back to it, oof - the direct flights to Dallas that I prefer had skyrocketed until I got three weeks out. So - the next two weeks I have the joy of making connecting flights. After that, I have flights planned for a bit, and I have nice, direct - and inexpensive - flights laid out.

It's a whole different world when it's your own nickel :)

posted by James Robertson

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