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Last Night's Game

November 28, 2010 14:51:22.000

We finally got back to board gaming last night - my friend Mike got me the game "Founding Fathers", and we sat down to a game - my brother in law was visiting, so it's nice that it handles 5 players. The game has you at the (US) Constitutional Convention, voting on the various articles for the document - and you end up working with the four main factions - big states, small states, federalists, anti-federalists. It's all pretty fluid, and your options change as you get your hand replenished with new delegates.

It played pretty well, and, once we got going, it was a simple game. The rules only look long because they include bios of all the convention attendees :) If you like strategy games that take 90-120 minutes to play, this one is pretty cool.

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posted by James Robertson

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