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Excitement with Microsoft Office

November 24, 2010 22:18:05.149

I installed Office for Mac today - my dad bought a family pack and had a spare use license available. So I figured what the heck - I have to deal with Office documents all the time, and while iWork does a decent job with them, it doesn't handle everything I get. This popped up while I was installing, and I have no idea why:

Why does the Office installer care that Chrome is running?

Update - it gets stranger. If I start Chrome after I have one of the Office apps running, it won't load pages. I get the message about a script hanging the page from Chrome, but for any page. If Chrome is running when I start an Office app, this doesn't happen. So... what the heck did Microsoft screw up such that they have a runtime issue with a browser?

Update 2 - Ok, now I can't replicate that behavior, but it did happen more than once. Really, really strange...

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posted by James Robertson

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