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Red Ded Zombies?

November 24, 2010 21:43:22.678

Red Dead Zombies

The latest DLC for Red Dead Redemption confuses me:

Seemingly overnight, a undead plague ravages the once bountiful frontier, decimating the landscape and reawakening the dead. In towns, settlements, and outposts throughout the world, the uninfected citizens are left to fight for survival against waves of the undead. John Marston must ride out into the vast and terrifying world and survive long enough to find a cure.

This sounds like a fusion of the game and the TV show "The Walking Dead". It might be fun to play - but boy, it just doesn't seem to fit in at all with the basic premise of the game. Not to mention this: by the end of Redemption, Marsters is ded anyway. So is this more or less an alternate history that pops up when he was about to be whacked at the end?

Now you know why I'm confused....

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posted by James Robertson

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