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Then and Now

November 1, 2010 11:20:36.723

Mark Cuban last May:

I just don’t understand why media pundits think that people are going to want to turn those BRAND SPANKING NEW HDTVs into PC monitors watching internet quality video. It’s a hassle. There is nothing that works out of the box. You have to be your own personal systems integrator and get the right box, figure out how to get content to that box over your in home internet, and then eat up your internet bandwidth in order to watch video that is dumbed down because it takes so much bandwidth. Why ?

Mark Cuban now:

Back to the Netflix using 20pct of bandwidth. Now that they have gotten there, it is going to be easier for Netflix than anyone else to grow their bandwidth usage. They can add streaming subscribers at a controlled level and it could work. Growing their usage as a percentage of total bandwidth consumption quickly becomes a trojan horse in the streaming wars. They are consuming so much bandwidth, they literally are blocking out the ability of anyone to compete with them.

Well, he's evolving. Before it was "it can't work, ever". Now it's "it can only work for Netflix". Apparently, 2 months ago when I downloaded a 17gb digital edition of DragonAge: Origins for my Mac (in under an hour) while my wife and daughter watched NetFlix, I was doing something unpossible.

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posted by James Robertson

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