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Clinging for No Reason

October 22, 2010 13:03:43.000

This is the kind of mistake that hidebound management makes a lot - something new comes along, and there's an instant "no":

Three of the biggest U.S. television broadcasters have blocked the Web-based versions of their shows from Google's new Web TV service, throwing a wrench into the company's plans to expand from computers to the living room.

Now think about that for a minute - you have Google TV, and you want to watch a show via the network's website. The network blocks your access. Why? You'll still have to watch the ads, so that's not the reason. This is just unreasoning fear. Supposedly they are worried about Google extending their web ad model to tv but I can't see how that would happen without the acquiescence of the network - the stream originates there. No, this is a bunch of guys who just fear the future.

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posted by James Robertson

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