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Seamless Migration

October 22, 2010 8:43:12.851

I've moved from one Windows box to another many, many times over the years, as the one i was using got old and needed to be replaced. Invariably it was a painful experience, requiring me to track down every blasted install disk (later, CD/DVD) I had and manually re-installing everything. Getting data to the new machine typically meant some kind of backup/restore or network transfer; there was never any automated support. For all I know, Windows 7 is better at that, but I haven't looked.

What I do know is this: moving from one Mac to another is the simplest thing I've ever seen. I walked into the Apple store yesterday, got a new 13" machine, and brought it home with a Firewire cable (I could have used my LAN, but the direct connection was faster). I followed the migration assistant instructions, and about 3 hours later (maybe less; I went to the gym in the middle of all that) it was done. I reset the Cincom machine to a base Snow Leopard install, with all the data on it erased, and had a new machine that is - for all intents and purposes - the same system. All the software works, all my settings were preserved... it's fantastic.

I realize that a Windows box costs less money, but boy - the time sink aspects are another thing entirely...

posted by James Robertson

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