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New Endeavors

October 17, 2010 11:10:27.817

While I look for work, I'll be busy with a few new things. The podcast and screencast series I was doing at Cincom are done; if you subscribe to those feeds, there won't be anything new coming (at least not from me; I can't speak to what Cincom may do with those properties).

However, I'll be continuing forward with Michael Lucas-Smith on a podcast - episode one of "Independent Misinterpretations" will be starting up later today. I've also created an index page for the ESUG 2010 videos; they will continue to be posted to the Vimeo site. Here are the links - the first two won't work until I get that first episode posted :):

On Monday, I'll be launching a new screencast series as well - you'll want to check back here for details then. I plan to continue posting the ESUG videos as well, but I don't think I want to pay to host them. Instead, I'll continue to push them up to Vimeo - follow the last link above for the index page for that

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posted by James Robertson

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