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Impossible DLC

September 17, 2010 16:43:12.000

Last night I tried to take my level 34 rogue character - the one I ran through Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening, and Witch Hunt - and take a crack at getting the achievement point for playing "Golems of Amgarrak" at the hard level.

Well. It's insane. Things went fine (my character is a tank) until I got to the green switch room with a bunch of golems in it. Without a mage, that room is pretty much impossible at that level. There are just too many of them, and they kill off everyone else in the party pretty quick. Even with a level 34 rogue who can drop into stealth to get away from things, it's just impossible - I just couldn't inflict enough damage to play the "whittle them down" strategy.

So I'm curious - has anyone done that dlc on hard without a mage? If so, how?

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posted by James Robertson

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