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Finished ME2 on Insanity

August 2, 2010 23:00:26.932

I finished Mass Effect 2 on "Insanity" this evening - the funny part is that the final boss battle was not the hardest part. I used the Cain to knock the Reaper larva down 25 percent, and finished it off with a combination of warp, incinerate, and the sub machine gun.

Heck, even the collectors and Harbinger weren't that tough. The two missions that gave me the most trouble were Grunt's loyalty mission and the Reaper IFF mission.

Why were they the hardest ones? On the IFF mission, the stupid Husks. On Insanity, they have armor. That makes shockwave nearly useless, because you first have to pound the armor down. The only way I got through the IFF mission was by using the particle beam and warp to knock armor down, and then having Jack bounce them. Even using that tactic, it took me a few tries to really get it down.

Why Grunt's mission, you ask? A similar problem - Verrens with armor. Like Husks, they swarm, and if you can't just toss Shockwave at them, they surround you fast if you don't hit them early.

Anyway, it was cool to get the Insanity achievement at the end of that. There's a downside though; now I need a new game to occupy me :)

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posted by James Robertson

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