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More Wasted Money

August 2, 2010 8:28:21.679

Spotted in Engadget:

On Friday, during a visit from President Obama to its Detroit-Hamtramck plant, GM announced some good news for all the Volt fans out there. Production from 2011 to 2012 for the electric vehicle -- originally slated at around 30,000 units -- has been boosted to a projected 45,000 units, a 50 percent increase.

This is insane. The Volt seats four people (the back seat isn't a bucket, as the battery takes up too much space). The cost for one of these is going to be around $41k. So - who in their right mind would buy a car for that kind of money, when a comparable gas powered vehicle runs $15k or less?

I say this as someone who drives so little (under 5000 miles per year) that - in theory - a limited range vehicle might make some sense. However, I don't have an extra $30k to throw at a car for self esteem purposes, and I really doubt that there's a huge number of people who do...

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posted by James Robertson

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