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Streaming TV Arrives

June 25, 2010 16:31:46.609

We are about to learn just how terribly wrong Mark Cuban has been about net TV:

For $10 a month, viewers will reportedly have access to a wider selection of shows than the free, ad-supported version Hulu currently offers. The service would work on PCs and specialized devices such as the iPad, videogame consoles and set-top boxes. The company plans to test a version of this “Hulu Plus” subscription, an expected development, with select users as early as this month to find out whether they’ll will bite, according to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal and All Things Digital.

What Cuban doesn't quite get is the difference between an on demand model, where I as a consumer get to decide how much to pay, and the "all you can eat" model the cable company wants me to pay for. He's a billionaire; he doesn't even notice. The rest of us do.

posted by James Robertson

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