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Microsoft is not in the Mobile Game

June 18, 2010 11:33:30.000

This story explains why Microsoft isn't in the mobile game at all. Not long after touting Windows Phone 7 as the next big thing, they've announced Windows Mobile:

The company has previously announced the Windows Phone 7 OS for smartphones. Microsoft's focus on consumer mobile devices will continue through the Windows Phone brand, Kelley said. It's unclear if the Windows Embedded Handheld announcement means that Windows Phone 7 will not support enterprise capabilities originally promised for that OS, or if Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows Phone 7 will compete with each other for business users.

It's becoming clear to me, at least, that the rot at MS starts at the top. Ballmer is a sales guy with no grasp of what his company does, or of where the industry is headed. He needs to go - and whoever they replace him with should start by radically downsizing the company. If it's big enough to come out with this kind of confusion, it's too big.

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posted by James Robertson

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