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Mass Effect 2: Awesome

June 12, 2010 13:53:37.647

There were parts of Mass Effect 2 I didn't really enjoy - the planet scanning being the main thing. It also took me a mission or two to get beyond how the controls had changed since Mass Effect - but the story was really immersive, and the choices you make during the game impact what kinds of options are open to you later - for instance, if you don't get the loyalty of a character, then the upgrades they have on offer for the ship/weapons/armore just aren't available, period.

In my first game, I got everyone's loyalty except Jack - during the confrontation between her and Miranda, I made the mistake of siding with Miranda. Since I had everyone else locked in, that didn't end up matter much - I still finished without losing anyone.

The end game sets up ME 3 though, and it looks like that's going to be a hell of a tough one. Overall, I think BioWare really has the plot driven RPG thing down. Between the Mass Effect franchise and DAO, they'll keep me happily killing bad guys for a long time. Not only that - I find these games so much more interesting than TV, too. While I love a good story, I like an immersive one I can drive even better.

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posted by James Robertson

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